Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting SO big and learning SO much!

Its been a busy couple of weeks for Jethro. He's been learning lots of new work and growing like a weed. The heat is driving us all crazy, neither one of us can stand working in this temperature. Record temperatures in Texas has made for a long summer, and it's only July!!

We are introducing some of the new "finds" this week. We worked on finding the "elevator", and the "button". Trying to get a 17 week old puppy to concentrate and find a specific object that he has no idea what you are asking him to do, in a crazy mall full of teenagers and tourists is NOT as fun as it sounds! :o) You might as well as be asking him to find the moon, he understands that about as much as asking him to find the button, thank goodness for repetition and consistency, and good old fashioned treats! In this outing, he ate an ENTIRE bag of treat!

We also did a series of finds associated with the convenience of shopping. We teach them to find the "door", then find the "counter" (which must have a human at it) then in the case of Starbucks, find a "seat", to enjoy your beverage.

We ended the week at the vet where he weighed in a whopping 49 pounds!! He's so big, its hard for people to remember that he's only 18 weeks!!!!
Here's hoping for a cooler week!

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