Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Day in Texas!

LOOK!!! Something big was here!!!
It's not often south Texas gets snow. Jethro was having a play date with Floyd, Lila and Cassidy. Jethro wasn't sure what to do with the snow. He made huge footprints that look like a cougars. The other dogs are more experienced and thought the youngster was pretty silly. Floyd was just happy to have someone else to play with, so a romping good time was had by all.


Tag you're it!

Catch me if if you can Floyd!

Really? You want a piece of me? I can take you young one!

All that playing in the muck leads to one thing. BATH TIME!! Jethro is a baby, so his buddy Floyd went first. Floyd is brave and is used to being in the bat tub. As you can see, Jethro wasn't so sure that was a smart idea. He eventually allowed his self to be bathed, but he wouldn't allow photos to be published on the Internet (smart boy!)

I don't think you should go in there Floyd!

What are you doing to him?

Now you smell funny...

Whats going on in there??

We will be doing lots of training walks with Michelle over the next few weeks to get ready for puppy swap! The time of year when all the puppies change handlers for a month!! I think Beth ( ) is getting Jethro for the swap! she better be doing push ups to get in shape. Her pups have been small and MANNERED!!! HA shes in for a surprise!! :) I'm not sure who im getting in the swap yet, but it should be interesting!

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  1. OK, I'm working out already! :-) We look forward to having the Gigantor!