Saturday, May 30, 2009

This was a big week!

I forgot how tired these little guys get, and quickly! Mental exhaustion is my best friend. Even though he can play with Ruby for waht seems like forever, a quick 10 minute walk has him ready for a two hour nap. This week we visites noisy places like Lowes and busy blanco road for some traffic work. We have to get him exposed really well before the fear imprint stage begins in another week.

Thursday Michelle, the puppy raising program manager, and our boss, took Jethro to do Great Day SA with Joseph. Joseph created an I-phone app as a fundraiser for guide dogs and Great Day SA on KENS 5 wanted to have them on. Jethro was a little freaked out, but did pretty well. Joseph was fantastic. If you have an I-phone, down load the app "pocket puppy raiser" and help a great cause while having fun!

One of the great things about raisng a guide dog puppy and owninf your own business is that the only person you have to worry about getting mad at you when the puppy reaks havoc on your place is you!! I took him the the friday night crop with me form 6pm to mindnight and while Michelle and I were helping customers, he decided to entertain himself. They always know when you are distracted right?

So after that little fiasco, back on the tie down he went! He looks so inocent don't you think?

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