Saturday, June 6, 2009

Giant Baby!

we went to the vet this week for the next in our series of vaccinations. I'm getting good at this and made sure we did a walk at the mall BEFORE we went to the vet so he wouldn't be his usual crazy self. It WORKED! Well it worked after the vet tech tried to weigh him on the baby scale which he maxed out. He is now 30 pounds at 13 weeks! The vet called him a freak of nature, just like LeBron James. hes going to give him a complex!

After the vet we went and had lunch at one of our favorite haunts, and VERY guide dog friendly, Habanero's Grill. Best burrito joint in San Antonio, we had the best queso on the planet, and he had a nap! that going to the vet part is hard work!

Later in the week we took a trip to Target (it happens to have a Starbucks in it).

We took a tour of the pet section and bought some pupperoni to reward the extra hard work. We wondered around produce and frozen food, and the deli and meat section, he did really well. We stopped and had our Starbucks, which he wasn't impressed with then off to do some straight line work.

Then home for a nap...for both of us!

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