Monday, September 14, 2009


Its that time of year when Guide Dogs of Texas has their charity golf tournament. This past Friday we spent the day in the rain at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Golf Course. It is a BEAUTIFUL facility and even in the pouring rain we had so much fun! Jethro got to spend some time out on the 11th hole checking the closest to the pin contest. He hung out with one of our volunteers while I worked back at the registration table.
Jethro even got to run out to the hole on a golf cart. Not as easy as it sounds when your a 65 pound puppy between he feet of a guy who is 6'4"

Now that its cooled off a little bit training has been really nice. Although he has a LOT more energy when its not so hot. That has been interesting to work with. he can walk longer and play longer too! He is teething also and wants to on everything from a water bottle to your hand. Ruby is still his favorite chew toy, much to her dismay. I think she keeps waiting to see when he wont come back from one of his adventures. When we get back from a training walk she looks like, dang it, you brought him home again!! :)

His work is really starting to progress nicely and he has learned to find doors, counters and the girls room. Which came in very helpful at the golf course because I had no idea where it was!!

hes not so good with trash cans, and buttons yet but we are working on it.

Here's to a good cool work week!

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