Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Visit to Big Boy School

This was a fun and exhausting week for Jethro. He took a trip to Guide Dogs of Texas' training center. He spent the day getting used all the different things at the training center that all the "big boys" learn when they graduate.

He spent time in each of the offices, as you can see we all have puppy gates built into our office doors, its a very user friendly office for dogs. Annie the office manager gets dog visitors all the time. She has the patience of a saint!

Jethro had to get used to the potty pens that the big dogs use, it similar to people using public bathrooms, some dogs cope really well going "busy" away from home, and others really have some issues. The different textures of the pea gravel and the different doggy smells made for some interesting challenges. He didn't participate in that process very well, he was quite happy to get home :)

he spent some time in the puppy managers office, where he finally laid down and took a nap instead of getting into everything. He did all kinds of naughty things that all the puppies do in a new situation.

he then got to go out to the kennel and hop up on the grooming table and learn to lay there for grooming and nail triming. he was not real excited about the whole stay on the table, thing but he sure liked the cookies he got for being a good boy!

then off to the scale for a weekly weigh in. 68.8 pounds. hes a BIG boy for only 6 1/2 months. His work is really nice, and he's learning really well. he is hitting adolescents, which is not so fun for the humans in his life. he is testing all the rules at the house like any teenage boy! YUCK! but he'll get over it and we will like him again! but let's not mention the black paint on the beige carpet ok!
the next 10 days Jethro is spending out at the Dominguez State Jail as part of the Pawsitive Approach Program. We like to expose all the dogs to all the environments!
stay tuned!

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