Saturday, June 13, 2009

Calling All I-Phone Users!

Have I got a deal for you!! You know you've always wanted to be a puppy raiser just like us, bit didn't want to have to go through the hassle of house breaking, the long sleepless nights and long training walks in the 100 degree heat! Well here you go! Get on the information super highway an head over to the Apple ITunes store and down load the "pocket puppy raiser" for only $2.99 -- less than the cost of a bag of biscuits -- you get endless kisses (and slobber to wipe away) tummy rubs and tug of war that you get to win!! Guide Dogs of Texas gets $1 for every down load and you don't get chewed up furniture! What could be better!?!
Have fun with it and feel free to tell everyone you know, and a few you don't! Its a great app and an even greater cause!

If you want to read more about the guy who wrote the app (my SON!) read the article here :)

Jethro is doing well, a busy week of working and growing and trying to beat up the other dogs in the house and failing at it miserably. He had a play date with his sister Twist, and she is an inch TALLER than him, but he weighs 5 pounds more. They were really fun to watch play!

He like to hide while he sleeps, but he doesn't fit where he thinks he can, so he improvises.
Thanks for all the support!! Stop in and see the Gigantor pup sometime!

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