Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's been crazy hot here in South Texas and we have to get creative with training walks with "Gigantor". Not only is it just plain hot, his puppy coat makes him extra hot, and the pavement is insanely hot and we have to avoid the the three footed hop about.

The first trick after getting out of the car is getting the pup dressed to work. Not as easy as it sounds when hes four feet of motion!
To accomplish all the things on a puppy's to-do list we have to walk early in the mornings, later in the evenings, and spend a lot of training time indoors. This week we did all of the above. We walked downtown in the early mornings, we took a stroll in Stone Oak to go to the Sonic Drive In for happy hour in the evening and watch all the traffic go by in the dusk. We also spent some time at Northstar Mall. With all the school kids on summer vacation, there were a LOT of people at the mall. Every one of them wanted to pet him. That's understandable considering he is so stinking cute.
We worked on going up and down the stairs while not trying to sniff the person walking the other way. We had a little rest break in front of Godiva Chocolate (that might have been more for me) and we then we practiced some of the "find" commands that are new to me with this puppy. I didn't have to teach the "finds" with the last three guide dog puppies, so it's a lot of learning for me to, thankfully the puppy raising program manager is there to teach me as I school Gigantor. A "find" is a unique command where the pup has to scan its environment and find the item you are looking for, quite useful if you're blind. This week we are working on "find the seat" which is a command to find anything you can sit on. Right now its a lot of me doing the work, but he'll get it pretty soon!

We had a fun treat this week, we had two new guide dog puppies, Lola and Izzie, fly in from New York, the came and spent a few hours with Gigantor before their vet visit. They has lots of fun, and were nicely tired when it was time to go to the vet. They are only 11 days younger than Gigantor, and the weighed TWENTY POUNDS LESS!!! let's hope they are just extra tiny, and Gigantor doesn't live up to his nickname!


  1. Jethro ("Gigantor") is adorable! We live in Texas too and it has been insanely hot. I raise dogs for the TSA's Explosive Detection Dog Program based out of Lackland Airforce Base. We have been having the same problem on outings: hot pavement. We started parking under trees so when Llarson (our puppy in training)got out his paws wouldn't start to hurt. Jethro is so cute and I can't wait to read more about his adventures.

  2. Jethro is sure a cutie and it sounds like it's been quite an adventure. You look familiar but I can't think of anyone I know in Texas ... Anyhow, good luck with Jethro!!!